Erotic Massage vs Sensual Massage vs Nuru Massage vs Bodyrub in New York City

What is the difference between an “Erotic Massage” and  a “sensual massage”?

Erotic massage and sensual massage are terms that are used interchangeably between providers in  and around New York City (NYC) especially in  Manhattan.   There is essentially NO difference between the terms “erotic” or “sensual” massage when looking for a provider in the NYC area.   The use of “sensual massage” or “erotic massage” in Manhattan is solely based on the individual providers preference.  Most providers stray away from using the term ‘massage’ however, when advertising their services for the simple fact that they do not want to be misleading.  They offer a different more interactive experience than the typical massage parlor in NYC and are not trained to diagnose, treat, or work on sore or injured areas.  For this reason, you will find that many providers in NYC use the term ‘bodyrub’ instead as it is more appropriate for the type of service offered.


What is a nuru massage?

Nuru massage is actually a fairly recent practice in the New York City Area.  It is mostly used by providers and agencies as a gimmick, to become more interested in their service.  It is called a ‘nuru massage’ in NYC because it is named after the Japanese soaplands.  It is essentially a ‘wet’ massage in which a special ‘nuru gel’ is applied to the clients entire body.  Now when you see videos of nuru massage online you often see a scantily clad woman  performing a body slide on the client.  Most times, this is not the case when you actually visit an erotic massage parlor in NYC.  This can be extremely messy and needs to be done on a special waterproof surface.  It also would require a shower both before and after the nuru bodyslide session, as well as prep time for the provider before the nuru massage session.  Most providers simply do not do this as it is not practical and can be very costly and time consuming.  The nuru massage gel itself is also extremely pricey – there are many unsafe knockoff nuru massage gel brands for sale both online and in New York City.  Because of this, many providers do not use the special nuru massage gel, they simply use comedegnic products that are harmful for your skin such as baby oil, or worse – an unknown mixture of something that is meant to ‘mimic’ the experience of nuru massage.  For these reasons, authentic nuru massage providers are few and far between in New York City.


What does the term ‘bodyrub’ mean?

Bodyrubs are mainly entertaining non-therapeutic sessions meant to relax and destress.  This is done through a few steps – the provider is aesthetically appealing, very beautiful and well groomed.  She is usually charming and able to hold conversation when needed and hold back when not.  Although not formaly trained in massage, the bodyrub provider listens to your needs and pays attention to where you would like her to focus her attention.  This can be done through calming full body strokes or a variety of ways.  The whole point of the body rub session in New York is to transfer your stress and energy out of your body so that you may be renewed, relaxed, and ready for your day.  The sensual bodyrub session in an incall location is done on a massage table.  The bodyrub session is sensual but not sexual in nature and is very arousing to your senses.  When you go for a sensual bodyrub you should not expect full service – for full service you should instead contact a New York City Escort or companion.


DISCLAIMER: If you have any injuries or sensitivities, you should always consult your physician before receiving massage or bodyrub treatments in New York City.



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